The standards that we expect Preppers to meet in order to sell their products through the Platform.

All Menu Items that you sell on the Platform must comply with your Agreement with Mura, including all Applicable Law and Mura Policies. We may suspend the provision of our Services if you are found to be in material breach of these obligations.


Mura believes customers should be able to make informed choices when they want an amazing meal delivered to their homes.  This policy sets out the information standards that we expect Stores (Preppers) to meet in order to sell their products through the Platform.

What we expect from our Preppers:

You are responsible for ensuring that the products that you sell are safe and compliant with Applicable Law.  If you are uncertain about any legal requirements, please seek advice from an expert.  You can also refer to DEFRA and the FSA’s Guidance on Food labelling: giving food information to consumers.

These are the standards that we expect you to meet:

Food Information Regulations: You must comply with your obligations under Regulation 1169/2011 on Food Information for Consumers.  This includes ensuring that the required food information is available to the customer before they buy and when it is delivered to them. For example, your staff should be trained to respond to telephone queries from customers about food information and you should have in place a method for this information to be available upon delivery.

Misleading Descriptions:  All information that you provide about the food that you sell must be accurate, clear and easy to understand so that customers can make informed food choices based on diet, allergies, personal taste and cost. Information must not be misleading as to the food’s characteristics, nature, identity, properties, composition, quantity, durability, country of origin or method of manufacture or production.

Regulated Descriptions: Certain descriptions and foods are controlled by specific regulations. For example, terms such as ‘organic’ or ‘gluten free’ must not be used unless the food meets the relevant regulatory requirements and care must be taken when referring to foods with protected descriptions, such as chocolate, meat products (sausages, burgers and pies), olive oil, wine and spirits; as well as foods with a protected geographical indication (e.g. Wensleydale cheese), protected designation of origin (e.g. Stilton) or traditional speciality guaranteed (e.g. farm fresh turkey).

Marketing Claims and Nutrition and Health Claims:  You must be able to substantiate any marketing claims that you make about your food.  You should take into account any relevant guidance, such as the FSA criteria for use of the terms Fresh Pure Natural etc in Food Labelling and the Advertising Codes.  In particular, you must ensure that any nutrition or health claims that you make are authorised under Regulation 1924/2006 on Nutrition and Health Claims.

Safe Ingredients: You are responsible for ensuring that the food that you sell is safe for human consumption, does not contain prohibited ingredients and complies with applicable compositional requirements, including rules relating to novel foods, GMOs and additives etc.

Growing together

Mura wants to be your partner of choice. We will continue to update our Platform so that we are giving customers the best possible service and so that we can grow together.  As and when we roll out improvements to the Platform, we will let you know in good time so that we can count on your cooperation to ensure a smooth transition.