Our community guidelines for Prepperss

Making Mura work for you, riders and customers

At Mura we want our partners, riders and customers to have the best possible food delivery experience with us, that means keeping the communities we work with safe too.


Deliver for the customer

A great customer experience is one of the biggest drivers of order growth for your Preppers.

That’s why, when handling your orders, we ask you to:

  • Make sure your food is ready for the time indicated on your order receipt, this means fewer delays in delivery and the food arrives on time
  • Mark any ingredients that you don’t have as ‘unavailable’ so orders don’t have to be cancelled
  • Acknowledge any dietary requirements that a customer may contact you about e.g allergens like nuts


Put safety first

Keeping our communities safe is our number one priority. We have a number of Preppers policies you need to follow to make sure that customers have the best possible food delivery experience.


These Preppers policies include:

  • Maintaining excellent food hygiene standards so customers feel safe when ordering from your Preppers
  • Having the correct licenses to sell alcohol on the platform
  • Displaying all allergen and nutritional information where possible and having trained staff to respond to telephone queries about allergens, to give customers the information they need when ordering from you


To find out more about Mura’s Preppers policies, including our allergen policy, visit the Mura Help Policy collection.


Be respectful

As one of our Preppers partners, riders will be going in and out of your Preppers to pick up food and deliver it to customers. We ask that you treat riders with respect and report any behaviour that you find unprofessional or intimidating to us directly, so we can take appropriate action.


To work with riders professionally, we ask that you:

  • Ensure that food is prepared on time so riders aren’t kept waiting
  • Allow riders to use your bathroom where possible
  • Offer riders water where possible
  • Be kind and polite when speaking and interacting with riders


How we investigate potential infringement

If we are made aware of a Preppers partner who is acting in breach of these guidelines, or any other clause in their contract, we will investigate the report before taking any action on the account. These investigations are always led by someone on our team, and Preppers are be notified if we decide to take any action.


We have shared similar guidelines with riders, which you can read about here.