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It is paramount for Mura App to give the world tasty food that goes beyond a single day, week, occasion, or season. Bringing people together is what we hold dearest, which we aim to do through good food. We are focused on creating a culture of care, and we use this to guide the way we meet, eat, enjoy, and showcase your passion for all things food .

We want to give cooks that love goooood food to talk about their inspirations, experiences and day-to-day cooking life. Through this, we hope for you to hear more about the person behind the food you order .

In association with Mura, we present to you The Szning Podcast! Every month we’ll team up with your favourite chef to have a conversation marinated with warmth, energy, even the songs that bring the ingredients to life. We hope to serve you their story, to inspire and encourage you, and to love food and people.

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